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Restaurant openings, closings, and dining news happening in the Buffalo and WNY food scene.

If you’re like us, you’re always scoping out the new and exciting things happening around here. You need to know what’s happening in the food world. Is your favorite bistro is closing? Did the pub down the street is adding a rooftop bar? What about that amazing chef opening a new restaurant?

May we present you with Dining News, where you can find out all of that information and more. We like to keep you in the loop, so check back often and we’ll make sure you’re updated on what’s going on all over town!


New: The Unbridled Cafe Serves Breakfast & Lunch in a Rustic Setting

Inside you'll find unique western décor based losely off the owner's experience interning at a private guest ranch in Colorado.

New: Bella’s Parkside Tavern Rises From The Ashes With New Location in Riverside

With a modern global pandemic as its backdrop, this literal Rise From the Ashes story is made even more brilliant by the fact that the pizzeria, and now the tavern, have been making food you just can’t get anywhere else in Western New York.



Best New Restaurants of 2020

Instead of focusing on the negatives of 2020, let's remember the highlights in the form of these fantastic new restaurants.

43 New Restaurants, Bars & More That Opened in 2020

While 2020 had some serious ups and downs, it's exciting to look back at all the businesses that actually opened their doors this year.

26 WNY Restaurants & Bars That Permanently Closed in 2020

Consider this a sorrowful goodbye to restaurants, restauranteurs, and staff who put in a lot of hard work and heart. RIP, restaurant friends.

Coming Soon: TCB is Bringing Their Modern Mexican Menu to Buffalo

The locally owned restaurant plans to open a second location at 1275 Delaware Ave in Buffalo.

New: The Flaming Fish Food Truck Settles Into A Restaurant Location In Downtown Buffalo

The Flaming Fish will be serving up their famous fresh seafood dishes at this new dine in location, which opened up in early December 2020. 

New: Tortuga Sandwich Shop Will FulFill Your Latin Street Food Cravings

Tortuga Sandwich Shop, located at 5835 Buffalo Street, adds a new option for diners who crave food with a Central American influence. 


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