Top 15 Ways You Know You’re From South Buffalo

Pre-covid St. Patrick’s Day celebrations / Step Out Buffalo

Centered around the area south of the Buffalo River and boasting a strong Irish-American presence, there are many-a-quirk that come with being from South Buffalo (they’re not alone in this fact, but it doesn’t make it any less true).

Here are the top 15 ways you know you’re from South Buffalo, hand-picked from hundreds of submissions from our followers on Instagram and Facebook.


1. When somebody doesn’t know your street name so you reference the nearest bar.

Submitted by: Derek Rose on Facebook


2. When you have Imperial Pizza on speed dial. Mmmmmm 🍕

Submitted by: @samuelgrant83 on Instagram


3. When someone asks where you’re from you respond with what parish you’re from

Submitted by: Melenie Leuer on Facebook


4. Your nickname is so engrained in you, nobody quite knows what your legal name is

Submitted by: Bill Witzleben on Facebook


5. Your street sign is in Irish also

Submitted by: Iris Cordero on Facebook




6. You know where Kaisertown is

Submitted by: Debi Hutchinson on Facebook


7. Pajama pants are perfectly acceptable to wear anywhere

Submitted by: Mike Sullivan on Facebook


8. Every weekend is St Patty’s Day

Submitted by: Joe Sliwa on Facebook


9. Your Dad plays the bagpipes (Editor’s Note: Or he knows someone who plays the bagpipes)

Submitted by: Emilyn Haremza on Facebook


10. You and your whole family have shamrock tattoos.

Submitted by: @se7en1six on Instagram




11. You didn’t know there was a St Pats parade on Sunday until you were way older 😂

Submitted by: @thebuffalocreative on Instagram


12. If you “cut through the park”

Submitted by: @lac82079 on Instagram


13. When You say Crick not Creek !!!

Submitted by: @cerealspotbuffalo on Instagram


14. You have 12 siblings

Submitted by: @kathinatora on Instagram




15. Every time it snows your neighbors are shoveling everyone else’s places like it’s a party.

Submitted by: @paulmkinney on Instagram

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